Well, I wouldn’t say “nothing,” but there’s certainly no expectation within sales that edit would even consider softening a post, or nuking it altogether. They talk a lot about the “Gawker tax” in sales—the idea that at Gawker Media, an outlet whose principal virtue is the editorial freedom afforded to its writers,… » 4/23/15 7:23am Thursday 7:23am

Some Gawker Media Stories I Liked in 2014

Below you'll find a handful of Gawker Media stories from 2014 that I enjoyed for one reason or another. This is only a sampling, not a comprehensive roundup, and I'm putting it here partly as a way of telegraphing my tastes to the many staffers who know me only as the editor of an often impenetrably abstruse … » 1/07/15 3:35pm 1/07/15 3:35pm

It isn't so much that Biddle could've posted verbatim on Gawker what he wrote on Twitter. The idea is that if Gawker Media writers have something funny and caustic to say, it would serve everyone's interests—and certainly their own—for them to say it in some form on the website that pays them to write funny and… » 12/12/14 7:39am 12/12/14 7:39am

Update on our database of police-involved shootings: It's still happening. We have more than a thousand entries from 2011-2013; those still need to be factchecked. If you'd like to help with that end of the process, email kyle@deadspin.com. » 10/27/14 2:02pm 10/27/14 2:02pm

How Deadspin Fucked Up The Cory Gardner Story

On Wednesday, Deadspin published a story questioning the football bona fides of U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner, a Republican who's running for the Colorado Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Mark Udall. We fucked up. After the story was published, the main source we'd relied on reversed himself on a key point, and… » 10/16/14 3:01pm 10/16/14 3:01pm

We were good this week, and when we weren't good we were quite stupid, and when we were neither we were utterly fucking insane. Our new night guy Kevin Draper wrote smart things about important baseball contests (despite MLB's best efforts to sneak its postseason past us by scheduling games at odd hours and in exotic… » 10/03/14 7:28pm 10/03/14 7:28pm

Choire Sicha is the only one here talking any sense: "For far too long now, sports stars haven't been able to properly benefit from the labors of their production (of dick pics). Now, thanks to Jeter, they can take the correct ownership of monetizing their intellectual property (dick pics)." [Digiday] » 10/03/14 11:09am 10/03/14 11:09am